Mobile version of dental unit with hanging or upper guide of hoses and wide range of instruments equipment from basic model with three tools up to the fully equipped version with six Instruments, brushless micromotors with endo function, ultrasonic scaler, peristaltic pump, curing light. CART unit can be equipped by a built-in compressor, suction unit, operating light and it is fully self-contained unit in dentist's offices, operating rooms and veterinary cabinets.

Basic model equipped by

• digital display
• Midwest hose for light air turbine handpiece
• hose for electric micromotor
• triple syringe
• halogen operating light
• saliva ejector
• ceramic cuspidor
• autonomous water


• additional hose
• ultrasonic scaler
• cautery
• upper /whip-like/ guide of hoses
• oilless compressor built-in
• surgical suction unit
• foot controller with microdrive speed control
• operating lamp