Advanced dental unit for demanding users with upper guide irrespectively hanging hoses . Unit in basic configuration is supplied with a digital display, enabling an optional additional function ENDO / RECIPROC for all kinds of brush micromotors. Unit can be fitted with up to six instruments, brushless micromotor with endo function, ultrasonic scaler, curing light, intra-oral camera with monitor, apex locator, peristaltic pump, built-in computer with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, amalgam separator, operating lamp (possible LED technology).

Tool parameters can be controlled via the display and membrane keyboard with pictograms or by touch screen panel with pictograms. Duet allows to turn spittoon block and cuspidor in angle of 90º thereby providing space for an assistant to be as close as possible to the patient from left side.
Surgical suction is placed on the spittoon block and is equipped with adjustable height of hoses bracket. Suction hoses panel can be with keyboard to control functions of the chair by assistant. The chair is fully programmable, has got 4 memorable positions, previous position, spitoon position,Trendelenburg position. It is possible to programm the getting (zero) position.

Basic model equipped by:

• digital display
• antidressing chair 652.3 with 5 memories
  spitoon position, previous position
• Midwest hose for light air turbine handpiece
• hose for electric micromotor
• triple syringe
• halogen operating lamp with two intensities
• saliva ejector
• turning ceramic cuspidor
• autonomous water
• pantographic arm


• function endo/reciproc for brush micromotor
• additional hose
• ultrasonic scaler
• cautery
• upper guide with locking
• surgical suction unit
• assistant panel with sensor control
• long arm of assistant panel
• intraoral camera
• amalgam separator
• right armrest
• left /turning/ armrest
• foot controller with microdrive speed control
• touchless switcher of light
• touch screen panel
• implantology set