Tool parameters can be controlled by membrane keypad with pictograms, unit in basic configuration is supplied with a digital display, enabling an optional additional function ENDO / RECIPROC  for all kinds of brueh micromotor. Surgical suctior is  with optional height-adjustable   hoses holder .

Suction hoses holder can be  with keyboard to control the functions of the chair  by assistant. The chair is fully programmable, has  got 4 memorable  positions,  spitoon position, previous position, Trendelenburg position. It is possible  to programm the getting (zero) position.

Basic model equipped by:

• digital display
• antidressing chair 652.3 with 5 memories,
   spitoon position, previous position
• Midwest hose for light air turbine handpiece
• hose for electric micromotor
• triple syringe
• halogen operating lamp with two intensities
• saliva ejector
• ceramic cuspidor
• autonomous water
• pantographic arm


• function endo/reciproc for brush micromotor
• additional hose
• ultrasonic scaler
• cautery
• upper /whip-like/ guide of hoses
• surgical suction unit
• assistant panel
• right armrest
• foot controller with microdrive speed control
• touchless switcher of light